(DDR-KO BANDERA)



in front of gorgeous women

I'm the diluted mouth of Lewinsky

in the crotch of Clinton


in front of berlinstylebohemianalternatives

I'm Milu

behind Tintin


in front of mature and learned ones

I'm a driver

Waiting for a cow in the middle of the way in New Delhi


in front of blackstimulantstripeundertheeye

I'm a ska dancer

in the last concert of The Clash


in front of low cut Britney Spears's lovers

I'm the chair

in the improvised ballads final


in front of poshippies

I'm the wheat

around the hammer and the compass in the GDR flag


in front of deepsweet voice

I'm an eclectic peak



© Hedoi Etxarte
© Translation: Hedoi Etxarte / Bob Adamson